New article about bomb sniffing rats

New article about bomb-sniffing rats.

Article written by Otto Bakano.
Distributed by Agence France-Presse.

Sniffer 'hero rats' saving lives in minefields and labs

at (includes link to audio version of the article)

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Baron Hamedi


My friend Zo popped up last night and said "Hey you. I can has ShamanTime nao?" So I knocked on Hamster's door, and he said "YASS YOU CAN HAS HAMSTER!"

And she told me that Coyote downright ORDERED me to make an esoteric silly song, so he could laugh at me.

So I did! And Hamster was quite pleased with the providence!
Seriously, you have GOT to hear this weird thing I slapped together in, like half an hour, totally goofy and fun, complete with gerbils and hamsters and throatsinging and silly noises.


The lyrics, for what they're worth, follow in the LJ-cut. Well, aside from the silly happy gibberish, of course.

Rodentsång Lyrik!Collapse )
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rat toastfox

FC 2010 Rodent photoshoot

Anyone want to do a rodent photoshoot at FC 2010?

Let's see, just a thought, the Rodent Species Panel is 11AM Sunday, maybe meet there, leave some time to get into suit, do the photoshoot at 12:30... Just throwing out one idea.